3 Tricks for Reducing Your Heating Bill

Published on December 31st, 2018

As the true Chicago winter weather begins to set in, heating bills across the city begin to rise. High home-heating bills can be a real kicker to a household budget, and can be especially detrimental for those who are working tirelessly to pay the bills. If you’d like to reduce your heating bills this season, consider some of these tips recommended by short term loan companies.

1. Bundle Up

Learn to love your fuzzy socks! Much of your body heat exits through your feet, so if your feet are cold, your body will be too. Make a point of wearing fuzzy socks to bundle up this winter and reduce heating costs. If that doesn’t keep you cozy, try wrapping up in a blanket and sweater before cranking the heat.

2. Capitalize on Heat

There are tons of day-to-day activities that generate heat, you may just not be tapping into them right. Try keeping the bathroom door open when you shower so the steam distributes to other rooms, or leaving the oven open to cool after baking your favorite treats.

3. Watch the Thermostat

Whenever you leave the house for more than a few hours, turn down the heat by lowering the temperature on the thermostat. If you’re feeling extra motivated, you can even turn it off. You don’t need to heat a house that no one is in!

Follow these expert tips from short term loan companies to both save money and stay warm this winter season!

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