4 Areas to Cut Spending

Published on May 20th, 2015

Who doesn’t want to save money and cut spending? There are plenty of ways to reduce your spending without having to try too hard. Little by little you will start to notice more cash in your pocket, with total annual savings of up to hundreds of dollars or more! Here are four areas you can start cutting spending right away:

  1. Energy: Some of the largest monthly expenses people face are home energy costs. Here are some ways you can cut these costs:
    1. A programmable thermostat
    2. Energy-efficient light bulbs
    3. Change air filters regularly
    4. Lower water heater to 130 degrees
  2. Groceries: The average American spends $6,602 on food each year! But there are ways you can keep that spending down:
    1. Shop less frequently
    2. Write a list and stick to it
    3. Buy in season produce
  3. Banking: Credit card fees, penalties and interest could be costing you more than you even realize. Use these tips to find the best option for you:
    1. Research your options and comparison shop
    2. Read the fine print
    3. Pay your card off on time
    4. Look out for ATM fees
  4. Car insurance: You may think you are locked into your insurance, but there are ways to to lower your rate:
    1. Boost your deductible
    2. If you cut back on driving, look into low-mileage discounts
    3. Bundle your policies

Courtesy of Bankrate

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