5 Ways to Cut Spending on Holiday Shopping

Published on November 26th, 2014

The holidays are a time where many people splurge, whether on food, clothes or gifts. Shopping for the people on your list can be a pain, but there are ways you can make it less so. We give five ways to make your holiday shopping a little easier while keeping your wallet a little fuller.

#1: Have a plan: Chances are you have a pretty vague idea of what you are going to get loved ones for the holidays. Before heading out on your shopping trip, make a full list of who you need to shop for then add your ideas of what to give them. This lays it out for you so you won’t stray. Once you have a gift for a person, write down what you got and check them off!

#2: Gifts are for giving: While wandering around the shops at the mall, you may find a few things that you would like for yourself. Keep in mind that the holidays are about giving; shopping for yourself not only strays away from this idea, but will also cost you more in the end! Who knows, you may receive these things from someone else!

#3: Look online for the best prices before going out: From clothing to gadgets and everything in between, most of the items you plan on purchasing will be found at many different stores around town. Look online to find which has the best deals, as prices can vary from store to store. Write these down on your handy list (mentioned above) and figure out your plan of attack come shopping time.

#4: Don’t ignore coupons: With the floods of coupons you are likely getting in your mailbox and email inbox, you may just toss them all out without a second glance. However, some of these may come in handy! Look through all coupons and even check retailer websites for any deals.

#5: Find your creative side: Some of the best gifts are homemade. Check out Pinterest and other craft sites for ideas. You can find just about anything from knitting patterns to DIY home decorations and more.

Happy Holidays!



Courtesy of the Huffington Post

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