5 Ways to Save on Travel Expenses

Published on March 19th, 2014

Some people avoid traveling because of the high costs of flying, hotel rooms and all the added attractions. However, there are many areas of travel where you can cut back on spending and still enjoy a nice vacation.

1. Flight: Rather than booking your travel through an agent, purchase airline tickets online. Ignore the myth that you will find the cheapest prices by waiting until the last minute; most of the time this is just not the case. The most popular flights are early morning or late at night, so opt for a late morning or afternoon flight instead, as these can be offered at lower prices.

2. Hotel: The rule for finding the cheapest hotel is the opposite of that for flights – call hotels directly to get a better deal on a room. Apartment rentals are also a quality option, as you will get more space for less.

3. Time of Year: Right now, students around the country are leaving for spring break vacations. Certain destinations experience an influx of visitors during this and other popular times of the year; airlines and hotels are aware of this and hike prices. Plan a vacation somewhere out of the popular May through June travel period, and you will save on airline tickets, accommodations and even sightseeing attractions.

4. Attractions: Plan the major sights you want to see ahead of time, and look online for any discount coupons or special offers. If you are traveling in a group, you may find a deal for a ticket package. Ask staff at your hotel if there are any places that offer free passes on certain days.

5. Commuting: Just like we mentioned in our previous post, public transportation like trains or buses are a money saver. Do your research so you are prepared to utilize these transportation methods rather than splurging for taxis. Find a hotel that is nearby the places you would like to visit each day, so you can walk or bike if possible.

Are you planning an upcoming trip? Cut back on your expenses by following some of these tips!


Courtesy of The Economic Times

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