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4 Common Reasons People Use Fast Cash Loans

Written by Scott Hershman
May 31, 2017

Payday loans can be used for any number of reasons which is part of their appeal to many borrowers. The application process is quick, getting approved is easy, and getting cash is fast. Short Term Loans can help you out of a financial pinch if you need it. Here are four of the most common ways people use their Short Term Loans.

Vehicle Expenses

A small car accident, blown tire, or even dead battery can cost someone and unexpectedly large amount of money. Many people do not allot much savings to these kinds of emergencies, though they should. Fast cash loans from Short Term Loans can give you the emergency funds you need when an unanticipated expense comes up.

Medical Expenses

Medical bills are some of the most costly expenses someone can incur unexpectedly. Whether it’s an emergency room visit, overnight hospital stay, urgent care, or any number of medical emergencies the bills are never cheap.

Moving Expenses

Though these kinds of expenses are not always unexpected, they can add up to an unmanageable amount. Paying movers, renting a truck, buying new furniture, changing address, move-in fees – these can get extremely expensive if you’re not careful. Many of our clients have found financial ease in being able to take out fast cash loans to cover some of their moving expenses. And if your loan is in the form of a payday loan you will just pay the amount back when you receive your next paycheck from your new job!

Veterinary Bills

No one wants their pet to get sick, but if they do they want to be able to provide the very best care and treatment for them. With fast cash loans from Short Term Loans you don’t have to worry about not being able to provide for your beloved pet. We understand that emergencies happen and want to be there for you when they do.

Applying for fast cash loans is easy. At Short Term Loans we are proud of our committed to offer all our clients with fast and friendly service. If you find yourself in a financial bind due to the above or any other emergency expense apply for fast cash loans right away!

Common Ways People Lose Money

Written by Scott Hershman
May 30, 2017

No one wants to lose money, but there are parts of life where that waste is unexpected, non-deliberate, and extremely damaging to many people’s financial security. Eliminating financial waste and practicing smart spending habits will do wonders to pad your pockets just a little bit more. Here are some of the most common ways people lose their money.


Your federal withholding on your paycheck is the law, but you are not required to overpay on your taxes. If your tax withholding is too high you’re probably losing an unnecessarily large amount of money each time you’re paid. Lower your withholding so you receive more money in your paycheck and then put that extra cash into a 401k or IRA so it can accrue interest. Not only will you be saving money but you’ll be making it.


If your employer offers a 401k plan then you should try to take to full-advantage of their matching contribution. 401k plans are a great way to make more money for your retirement so take full advantage by finding out your company’s match program and contributing the full amount (if possible) out of each paycheck.

Energy Waste

Energy waste is one of those consistent money drainers that too often go unchecked. TV’s, gaming consoles, DVD players, idle computers, and left on lights can account for large portions of your energy bill. If you’re not using something, unplug it or turn it off. This will save you money and help you practice energy conservation.

Late Fees

In 2014, more than one third of consumers paid late fees. Many companies impose late fees for late payments, which is a huge drain on funds for many consumers. Stay organized and make your payments on time and you could end up with a few extra dollars each month.

High-interest Debt

High-interest debt is an enormous money drain on a lot of people and it’s largely because people don’t bother to do the research or long-term calculations to find out just how much they will be paying back. Do those calculations and inquire about loan refinancing programs. You could save yourself from paying a greater amount in interest than the actual loan.

Little money drains can do a lot of damage to not only your daily budget but your long-term financial goals. Make sure to trim the fat on your unchecked spending by taking a look at your expenses. If you do find you need a little extra help you can always find the fast funds you need at Short Term Loans. Short Term Loans is here to help you get out of a tough financial spot and back on your feet again. Find the loan you need on our website.

Immediate Payday Loans Are Better Than Bank Loans

Written by Scott Hershman
April 21, 2017

When you’re low on cash which is the better option, applying for immediate payday loans or a loan for a bank? Even people that have a great paying job may need to take out a quick loan to cover unexpected financial expenses. Which type of loan is better for you in the long run? It’s important to make this decision based on collective information about both financial institutions. Who can provide you with much needed cash fast and efficiently?

It’s a Waiting Game

It’s clear to see when you compare a bank to an online lender that banks tend to make you wait a much longer period of time for loan approval. You could be waiting up to a week and delaying much needed relief. An online payday lender can turn in your application and find out if you’re approved in 24 to 48 hours. This option is much better considering your creditors are less likely to wait when it comes to receiving their payments. The process to receive a bank loan must go through a lot of bureaucracy and just takes too much time. A payday loan is much quicker when you need to borrow money fast.

Which Loan Amount Is Right for You?

Typically a bank wants to lend you a larger sum of money, which can be more difficult to pay back. Hence this is the reason they take so long to be approved, as well. The loans they tend to offer are for thousands of dollars verses the small loan amounts offered by payday lenders. When you don’t need to borrow a large sum of money, you shouldn’t. It’s smarter to borrow what you need to cover your most current expenses and nothing more. Besides, if you were to borrow thousands of dollars you’d have to pay it back with interest!

Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans is dedicated to providing the cash our clients need when they are in a financial crunch. We provide a fast and easy application process so you can get the help you need. Apply online today to get a quick payday loan!


Thinking Of Borrowing? Here’s What To Know.

Written by Scott Hershman
April 10, 2017

When it comes to online payday loans there are a few things to consider before borrowing. This type of loan can literally be a life-line when you are facing any type of financial emergency. Some of the terms can seem to be a little confusing. It’s time to cut through the confusion so you can get the payday loan that will benefit you the most.

Electronic Processing Makes the Loan Process Quick and Easy

An online lender tends to use electronic processing which is a quicker way to process a payday loan. They will also send your approved funds via electronic transfer so it reaches your bank account quickly and safely. Ultimately this means you are not responsible for picking up a check then taking it to your bank to be deposited. Instead a lot of time can be saved while allowing you instant access to your money.

Are You Interested in Extending Your Loan Due Date?

In some cases you may want to inquire about whether you have the ability to extend your loan date. Policies tend to differ per lender so it is always a good idea to ask if this is an option before you apply. Of course it is a better idea to pay your loan off the moment it is due instead of extending it. However, it is better to try to extend the due date rather than incur unnecessary fees.

You Deserve Reasonable Loan Rates

Payday loan rates can vary depending on the lender. It is always a good idea to compare rates so you can find a lender that offers reasonable rates. Keep in mind the rates should be reasonable in terms of the amount of time needed to repay your loan. A great lender will provide you with reasonable rates and work with you concerning all of the terms of the loan for the loan in which you would like to apply.

Short Term Loans

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to your financial burden consider applying for a Short Term Loan. Short Term Loans offers friendly service so you can get all the help you need with ease and clarity. Apply for a payday loan today!

Need Cash Fast? Apply For A Short Term Loan!

Written by Scott Hershman
March 31, 2017

Do You Know How to Apply for a Short Term Loan?

There is a process involved when it comes to applying for a short-term cash loan. It all begins when you use the services offered by a financial company they can help you find a great lender. They will be able to assist you in finding a lender that fits your requirements and offers reasonable rates and fees.  Instead this type of loan is expected to be paid by your next payday or you can opt for an installment loan which is spaced out over a period of time. A short term loan is the perfect type of loan if you need emergency funds to cover a medical expense, house repairs, auto repairs, and much more.

You Deserve the Best Rates

Just because you’re getting a short-term loan doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve some of the best rates. A professional financial company is going to be able to help you find lenders that offer great rates. They have the resources needed to find online lenders that will appeal to you. You can depend on their research when it comes to finding an affordable lender with attractive interest rates so that you’re assured the ability to pay your loan off on time and avoid further credit problems.

Be Sure to Read the Contract Terms

It’s advisable that you remain a well-rounded and informed borrower. Essentially this means that you need to beware of all of the contract terms concerning a short-term cash loan. Once you’ve signed for such a loan whether it’s digitally or by your own hand, you are then legally required to repay the exact amount you borrowed. This is why it’s important to understand all of the contract terms regarding your loan. This can save you from being subjected to any penalties that will be incurred if you don’t pay for your loan on time.

Short Term Loans

Find your next payday loan by applying for a Short Term Loan online. We offer a quick and easy application process so you can apply from the comfort of your own home. Apply today to get the funds you need!

Take the Anxiety Out of Your Financial Crunch

Written by Scott Hershman
March 16, 2017

When you are facing an uncomfortable financial crunch it’s important that you are able to find relief as soon as possible. Cash advance loans are the answer to such a predicament. You need to borrow money from a reputable online cash advance center that can assist you in obtaining the amount of cash you need. It beats the alternative of having to ask your friends or family for cash. You can avoid this type of embarrassment all together when you let the professionals assist you instead. Their financial services are dependable.

An Online Cash Advance Is Perfect for the Following:

  • Unexpected Car Repairs
  • Medical Expenses
  • Home Repairs
  • Unexpected Expenses
  • Personal Debt Relief

Get Cash Fast

The whole point of the cash advance loan is to ensure that you can get cash fast. With this kind of financing your advance can be approved and be deposited in your bank account within at least a single business day. The loan itself can be approved in an hour or less. You can even conveniently apply for this type of loan online, which only takes a few minutes. You may be wondering just exactly what a cash advance loan is. Basically it is a short-term advance loan that provides you with the small amount of cash. You can depend on this type of loan to provide a quick solution to a temporary cash flow problem.

There Are Many Ways You Can Benefit from a Cash Advance

Of course the main benefit is the cash that you’ll have on hand to pay for necessary expenses no matter what they may be. Other benefits include convenient and easy access to instant cash. This gives you freedom from unnecessary and lengthy financial formalities you would otherwise undergo if you were trying to take out a personal loan. You could have cash in your bank account within 24 hours. The experts will ensure your speedy transaction is completely confidential, safe and secure.

How Does the Process Work?

The process is actually quite simple. It includes a three step formula that consists of filling out an application form which takes anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. All you need to provide is information about your current job and bank account. Next your application will be sent in for approval by qualified lender. It’s really that convenient and simple.

Short Term Loans

Get the fast cash you need by applying for a loan from Short Term Loans. Our fast and friendly service will give you the funds you need to succeed.

The Top Myths About Payday Loans Dispelled

Written by Scott Hershman
February 28, 2017

Payday loans are becoming an increasingly popular method for people to get the money they need in a fast and convenient way. Payday loans provide people an easy and effective way to get funds when in a pinch. However, there are many myths about payday loans out there and they need to be dispelled. Read on below for a few of those top myths so that you can make an informed decision when you want to get a payday loan of your own.

Myth Number One: They Are Out to Take Your Money

The biggest myth out there about short term loans for bad credit is that they are run by dubious teams who are intent on parting you from your money. The truth is that these loans have simple terms that anyone can understand, if you take the time to read the paperwork that you are given at the time you apply for the loan. The truth is that these types of loans have helped many people out in a crunch and the terms for repayment are easy to meet.

Myth Number Two: These Loans Are Only for Those in Need of Money

Many people think that payday loans are only for people who are in desperate need of money and come from lower economic backgrounds. In reality, statistics have shown that the majority of people who get payday loans have a high school diploma and make between $25,000 to $50,000 a year.

Myth Number Three: They Are Expensive and the Interest Rates Are Outrageous

If you think about it, the loan that you are taking out is small and the interest rate has to be small as well. Now, if the loan was a long-term loan, instead of a couple of weeks, the interest rates could be worse and probably would be.

These are just a few of the myths about Short Term Loans for bad credit that need to be dispelled. These loans aren’t the bad guys that everyone makes them out to be. For more information on payday loans and what they can do for you, contact the professionals at Short Term Loans today. Fast, easy, and convenient is how we like to conduct business. Call us today for more information! 

What To Use Your Short Term Loan For

Written by Scott Hershman
February 24, 2017

Even though many Americans earn a decent wage, they often are living one paycheck to another. Cost of living is so high in some parts of the country that it almost doesn’t matter what you make, you’ll always be scraping by. When a family is making enough money to pay for their bills and necessities in life, it can be difficult for them to save up extra cash for any added expense they may have. What can be a minor expense for some families, is a monumental expense for others. Short Term Loans was created to help anyone that needs a little extra cash obtain the money they need to pay unexpected expenses. With premier Short Term Loans online, you can apply for a small loan that is based on your monthly income and affordable for you to pay back with your next paycheck.

Nine Reasons People May Need a Payday Advance

  1. To help pay for their everyday expenses such as food, utilities, and rent when they do not have enough cash.
  2. When there is a medical emergency to help pay for their medical care and medications.
  3. People that need to unexpectedly travel out of town.
  4. Car break downs and unexpected service repairs.
  5. A broken home appliance such as washer, dryer, refrigerator, or stove.
  6. The best short term loans online can help replace money on an overdrawn bank account to prevent overdraft fees.
  7. They may need the money to help buy last minute holiday gifts for their friends or family.
  8. They do not have the time to wait for a bank to process a larger loan or require a smaller advance that banks provide.
  9. People may need the loan to help get a collection agency off their back.

Acquire the Money You Need by Applying Online Today

If you have an emergency expense or need a little cash to help get you through until payday, a solution is available to help meet your financial needs. At Short Term Loans we offer our customers the convenience of obtaining the money they need. We provide them with an advance against their next paycheck that will help them pay for emergency expenses or household expenses. You can benefit from the easy payments that will allow you to repay the loan without placing you in a financial bind. If you easy money fast, apply online at Short Term Loans! 


Top Reasons Payday Loans Online Are So Popular

Written by Scott Hershman
January 25, 2017

If you have ever wondered why so many people decide to get easy online loans fast instead of going through more traditional methods to get the money they need to do everything from pay bills to get through the holidays, then you have never gotten a payday loan yourself. If you are interested in knowing why these people prefer payday loans online, then read on below for a few of the top reasons.

They Get Their Money Fast

In today’s world, everyone expects fast results on anything they do, from the TV to the Internet and even the cars they drive. If you expect everything in your life to produce fast results, then you should expect the same thing from the loans you choose. The fastest way, of course, is to get easy online loans fast. You are pretty much assured that you are going to get your loan quick and in a hurry, as long as you can produce what the lender needs to prove that you work, have a checking account, and can repay the loan in a timely manner. At Short Term Loans you can do everything online. It only takes a few minutes to submit your application, and if approved, you can receive your money within 24 hours.

Applying is Easy

Life is quite complicated and busy for many people. You don’t want to spend hours filling out paperwork when you want a loan. Instead, you can get your loan online with very little hassle and in many cases, get an answer instantly. In most cases, you can get your money in an hour or wait just 24 hours for it to hit your account.

You Don’t Have to Drive Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages to applying for a payday loan online is that you don’t have to drive anywhere. For example, if you need your loan to do repairs on your car, then you will, of course, have no way to drive to pick up the loan. With applying online, you don’t have to. Short Term Loans also allows you to do everything from the comfort of your own home. Apply, get approved, and receive your money all online, it doesn’t get easier than that.

These are just a few of the reasons that a payday loan online might be the best step for you the next time you need a quick loan. From easy online applications to direct deposits into your bank account, applying for a Short Term Loan is fast, convenient, and hassle-free. For more information on how to get your loan today, contact the professionals at Short Term Loans.

7 Things To Consider Before Borrowing

Written by Scott Hershman
January 20, 2017

In an age when each day more consumers are searching online to find the services that they require, companies are conducting business online. In the past, people had to visit the traditional brick and mortar establishment to obtain the services that they needed while now they simply search online. This provides the convenience of being able to complete transactions from the comfort of home or on the go with mobile devices. Consumers are even able to apply for short term payday installment loans to help them gain a little extra cash when they are in a rough spot financially. With the vast amount of online short-term loan businesses available today, how does a person know which one is the right company for them to conduct business with?

Things To Consider Before Selecting A Short-Term Loan Lender

  1. You want to research the requirements of your state before choosing a lender, it is important to know what your state regulations are when it comes to taking out a short-term loan.
  2. The individual will want to find a company that is in their state, consumers are not allowed to apply for short term payday installment loans from companies in another state.
  3. Is the company licensed to operate in your state? A licensed lender means they have met all the criteria of providing payday loans in the state they conduct business in.
  4. What are the requirements of the company for obtaining a quick payday loan? Do you need an income or a bank account to be approved? This information is crucial to know before completing an application. 
  5. What are their fees for taking out a loan? Do they charge a reasonable amount for their services? Each state mandates how much the company can charge for their services, are their fees within this range?
  6. What type of repayment plans do they offer? Do you have to pay back in one lump sum or do they offer an installment plan?
  7. How do you obtain the money? Do you have to visit a local establishment or will they directly deposit the money into your bank account?

Choose a Company With A Well-Established Reputation And Trusted Name

When selecting a lender, you want to choose one that you feel comfortable conducting business with. Short Term Loans has a reputation of providing friendly and quality services to our consumers. We offer our clients a fast and convenient way to acquire money to help them with a short-term financial problem. When you have an unexpected expense, we can provide the money you need until you receive your next paycheck. Fill out our online application and get your loan in as soon as one business day!