Costly Cities

Published on August 19th, 2015

The closer you get to a city, the more expensive the cost of living is. There are plenty of benefits of living in a city, such as more things to do, public transportation, more job opportunities, etc., but a huge drawback is the cost. While there are plenty of affordable cities, such as San Antonio, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, and more, people continue to migrate to places like New York City and San Francisco. The most expensive cities in the United States are parts of New York City, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, big cities in California like San Francisco, Orange County, and Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. You’ll be paying top dollar for everything from rent to food to transportation in these cities.

When you decide to live in a big city, it is important to look into the cost of living. For example, if you decide to move to Chicago, your rent will be more if you live closer to downtown or in a hipper neighborhood, such as Lincoln Park. Taxes are higher in Illinois, but companies often pay more in Chicago than neighboring Midwestern cities. The most important thing to do is budget wisely. Know how much it will be to have a car versus using public transportation. When looking for things to do, focus on inexpensive or free activities. Museums, zoos, and other attractions often have free or discounted days, so check their websites to find out when these are! Certain luxuries that you can afford when your rent isn’t a significant portion of your paycheck may have to be cut, such as cable or that once a day Starbucks habit.

Overall, living in a big city is the perfect fit for some and the worst fit for others-there is a reason why there are small towns and suburbs! For the people who need the excitement of a big city but cannot afford places like New York or San Francisco, there are plenty of options out there. The benefits of living in a big city for people who have the desire to live in one far outweigh the costs of living. Just remember to budget-and if you need fast cash, call Short Term Loans today!

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