Don’t Save These Purchases for Later

Published on June 24th, 2014

As important as it is to save your money, there are certain purchases that are better to make upfront rather than literally “saving” for later. Buying items or services before you need them may help you save cash, if it is well thought out. The following are such purchases that may reduce future expenses.

Clothing: By clothing, we don’t mean splurging on items at the mall you may wear once or twice that you don’t need; we mean quality items that will last. The higher price upfront may be scary, but look at it this way. If you purchase a nice shirt for $100, you are more likely to take better care of it. This, on top of being made with better materials, will mean the shirt will last years. If you purchase a shirt for $15, it is of lower quality and will be more likely to begin falling apart after several wears; then you will need to buy another one, and another one after that, and so on. Purchasing $15 shirts repeatedly year after year will end up costing you more.

Home Improvements to Reduce Energy: How much are your energy bills these days? Chances are, they continue increasing month to month. Most homes, old and new, do not run as efficiently as they could. Many homeowners are making improvements to make their homes more energy efficient and lower energy bills. These changes are indeed expensive and may be beyond your budget, but if you can swing it you will notice a significant reduction in your bills.

Vehicle Maintenance: Bringing your car in to get fixed is a drag. Car repairs are costly, but also generally avoidable! Regular maintenance, recommended at least twice a year, is relatively inexpensive when you think about how much you would be spending on a major repair. Your mechanic should check heating and air, tire pressure and tread, oil and filters, belts, brakes, transmission and washer fluid, the lights and the battery.

Contract-Free Cell Phones: The way cell phone companies make their money is by locking you into a contract. Sometimes buying a phone on its own can save you money, and not keep you locked into a certain service provider or contract. You can purchase such phones through the manufacturer or online; most of these come with warranties as well. If you aren’t too attached to your current provider, consider a contract-free phone.



Courtesy of Money Crashers

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