Efficient Electrical Usage

Published on September 23rd, 2015

Of all the bills you pay for every month, one particularly large one is likely your electric bill. The cost of energy just keeps increasing, with the average person’s electric bill reaching nearly $170.00 per month. While you cannot avoid using electric services, there are ways to reduce your bill in an effective manner.


One of the easiest ways to lower costs is by unplugging anything you are not using. Even if you shut everything off, anything plugged in is still using up energy. Don’t leave your charger or laptop plugged in if your phone or computer are fully charged-it just wastes energy and increases your electric bill. Leaving your DVR plugged in when you are not recording anything can cost you more than $30.00 per year! Simple things, such as unplugging what you are not using, can save you a little bit here and there, all of which adds up.


A big thing people forget to do is shut off their lights when they go from room to room. Simply letting your electricity run for no good reason is inefficient and costly. Make it a habit to shut off lights in rooms you won’t be going back to within ten minutes. In addition, invest in LED bulbs if you haven’t yet; these are the best lightbulbs to save energy and money.

Heating and Cooling

Air conditioning units and heat account for nearly half of all electric bills. During the summer, if you have a central air conditioner, set it at 78°F for optimal comfort and cost. If you have an A/C unit, only run it when necessary and make sure all windows are shut! As winter approaches, stock up on blankets and warm clothes. Rather than blasting the heat, set your thermostat for 67°F. That way, you won’t have as high of costs, yet you will still be comfortable with a blanket or a hot drink.

Courtesy of: Mother Nature Network


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