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We know that Oklahomans are hard-working folk who take great pride in their grit, determination, and self-reliance. But no matter how hard we work, and no matter how determined we are to take care of our own needs, we all need a little financial assistance from time to time. And it’s at exactly those times that Short Term Loans is here to help you.

Our purpose at Short Term Loans is to connect you with a lender who has the funds to assist you, to bridge the financial gap, so to speak. We can help you get the funds you need, deposited straight into your bank account tomorrow, or whenever the next business day is.

It couldn’t be easier, and you can get started here.

How Oklahomans Can Benefit from a Personal Installment Loan

Few of us have the funds to pay cash for all the things in life we want and need; a roof over our heads, a reliable vehicle for transportation, a place to conduct our business. For large purchases, we turn to banks for long-term loans, which we pay back over years or even decades.

At Short Term Loans, we specialize in helping clients secure a different kind of loan, loans that can help with their more immediate needs. And these aren’t payday loans that need to be paid back immediately.

Instead, the lenders in our network provide residents of Oklahoma with installment loans to help them through immediate financial straits. If a crisis crops up when your cash supply is running low, these personal loans could help you afford

  • Home repairs
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Medical or dental bills
  • Travel expenses
  • Unexpected business expense

Can you really get financial help for these kinds of problems? You certainly can, and the first step to take is filling out this simple form.

How We Help Oklahomans Get Personal Loans

As we’ve said our process could not be easier. All you have to do is fill out our form and wait for a loan offer. Once you have an offer outlining in hand, read the loan terms carefully. Make sure that you understand your obligations and can afford the loan payments. If the loan amount and terms and conditions are satisfactory, follow the instructions included to finalize the agreement.

After you’ve agreed to the loan, your lender will deposit the funds in your checking account, usually within a single business day. When the money shows up in your account, it’s yours to do with as you please. With your financial needs met, you can stop worrying about every penny you spend and shift your attention to the things you really care about.

Let’s Get Going Today

We know you like to stand on your own, but don’t let that Oklahoma pride get in the way. We all need a little financial boost from time to time. Let Short Term Loans give you the lift you need to see past the monetary roadblocks slowing you down. Fill out our form today to take back control of your finances.


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