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Get Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Building your credit is important to make sure you get the money you need later in life. You can't buy a car, a house or any other significant purchase without the help of loans. You won't even be able to get a credit card without decent credit. At Short Term Loans, we offer bad credit loans that can help you get the money you need without worrying about what kind of credit you have.

No Other Way to Get a Personal Loan

If you have ever tried to get a personal loan from a bank, they ask all kinds of questions. They want to know your long-term work history, any previous loans you have had, late payments you have made and more. Worst of all, they often want some form of collateral, especially if you don't have a solid credit history. At Short Term Loans, we don't worry about your credit. Our application process requires only a few simple pieces of information. We only need to know your name and bank account information, as well as your work history over the past few months. This means just about everyone qualifies for some form of our short term loans.

Get the Money You Need Fast

Most other loan processes require a lengthy approval process. You need to fill out a long form that asks many financial questions, some that feel as if they should be private. After you spend time filling out this application, it must go to at least one person to approve the loan. In many cases, it has to go through several people to receive final approval. Unfortunately, when you have poor credit, you likely won't qualify. Instead, we offer bad credit loans to those who are in situations like yours. When you fill out the application, you will get an answer almost immediately. There's no waiting for the money you need right now.

We Represent Multiple Lenders

When you fill out your application for personal loans for bad credit, we automatically submit it to a number of lenders. This is how we are able to practically guarantee a loan for anyone, even when they have bad credit. Our lenders are ready and willing to help you with any financial emergencies. They understand not everyone has been able to build up good credit or may have made mistakes in the past. These mistakes don't have to mean you can never get financial assistance again. Our bad credit loans are designed to help people just like you.

If you are ready to request personal loans for bad credit, contact us. When you fill out our simple application, you can feel confident you will get the money you need when you need it most.