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Published on January 21st, 2016

We’ve all had someone tell us to save our money. However, it truly is easier said than done, particularly if you are between jobs, have student loans, or are on a fixed income. Fortunately, there are some specific tips that can help you save up to $1,000.00 this year alone! Next year, you could be sitting on a beach instead of freezing in the Chicago winter.

Tip 1: Put $20.00 away every week.

Every week, remember to put $20.00 away somewhere, whether it be a separate savings account or just an envelope in your dresser. No matter where it is, you just can’t take any money out of it until after the year is over. If you stick to the rule of $20.00, you’ll have over $1,000.00!

Tip 2: Change bad habits

Any person can tell you that smoking is bad for your health and wallet. Quitting smoking is likely the best option for any smoker looking to save money. Not only will you save around $1,000.00 in two months (assuming you are a pack a day smoker), but the medical costs that you will save later on in life are astronomical.

Another bad habit to quit if you aren’t a smoker is replacing any drink with water, especially at restaurants. If you usually order an iced tea or diet soda with lunch or dinner, order water instead. It’s amazing how much money you’ll save! This also works for coffee-simply make coffee at home or work rather than stopping by your local coffee shop!

Tip 3: Organize your money

This may seem obvious, but many people come into money problems because they don’t budget and they don’t try to save where they can. With the advent of technology, the ability to save money at an abundance of stores with different apps is astounding.

Saving money can seem daunting. By breaking up the task into little things you can do to save money, and keeping track of how much you’ve saved, you’ll find that it is a lot easier! If you are strapped for cash for whatever reason, contact Short Term Loans!

Courtesy of: Refinery 29

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