Save Money This Weekend

Published on January 17th, 2014

Everybody’s working for the weekend – but that doesn’t mean you should blow your whole paycheck during weekend festivities. It IS possible to have a fun weekend without spending too much money, you just have to be smart about it. Read our five tips on how to cut back over those couple days of freedom without sacrificing the fun.

  • Have friends over for the game rather than going out. Ask each person to bring something – it is too easy to spend $50-100 just by going out to eat and drink for a football game. You can save at least half of that by staying home with a group of friends.
  • Don’t go shopping without a purpose. Target is just one of the stores that can be dangerous if you haven’t prepared a shopping list. “Window shopping” generally turns into more than that; many end up buying things you didn’t plan for and weren’t included in your budget.
  • Make good use of free fun! Go to a park or check the local paper for free events going on around your city – there are always weekend events, no matter what the season. Spend TIME outside, not MONEY.
  • Take your credit cards out of your wallet. If you choose to go to a club, bar or restaurant during the weekend, bring a designated amount of cash and leave your cards at home. It is tempting to spend money you don’t have, especially when out on the town.
  • Plan out the weekend. Planning can easily help save money, since you won’t fill periods of boredom with spending money. Plan one meal for eating out – if you plan on going out to dinner Saturday night, then plan for the rest of your meals to be eaten at home.

What is your largest weekend expense? Do you have a method for stopping yourself from spending too much?


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