September Savings

Published on September 9th, 2015

With back to school costs, football festivities, and more, expenses in September can add up faster than usual. Luckily, there are ways to combat these extra costs-just follow these tips and you should be able to cut down the amount of money you are spending this month!

  1. Potlucks. Instead of everyone going to a bar to watch a football game, have one person in your group of friends host a potluck! Everyone can be in charge of a dish and a drink. Rather than buying food and drinks at a bar, which can cost upwards of $50-$100.00, a potluck allows everyone to try many things, and there are likely going to be leftovers!
  2. School Supplies. Find out what store in your area is having the best sales and stock up now! If you are in need of office supplies, get them now because once school is back in the swing of things, everything will be much more expensive. If you or your child is in college, get enough supplies for the spring semester as well, since the deals will not exist in January.
  3. Kitchen Discounts. As wedding season dies down, so does the need to buy wedding gifts. Many retailers discount their nicer dishware, such as china and flatware. If you want to upgrade your dishes, September is the time to do so! In addition, buy patio furniture around this time. It may not be used until May, but if you find a set you want, September and October are when they are going to be at the lowest price.
  4. Cars. New models typically come out between October and November, so dealerships want to sell off their existing stock in September and October. Not only will cars be at a lower price, but you could likely haggle to get an even better price.

September, especially for students and parents of students, can throw a lot of expenses at you. However, by following these tips, hopefully you can save some money. And remember-if you are in need of some fast cash, you can get money in your bank account the next day through Short Term Loans!

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