Interested in Short Term Lending?

Sometimes you fall short on your bills for a number of reasons. In most cases, this is because of an unexpected expense that arises, such as a car accident or medical emergency that leaves you in a tricky situation. This is where online payday lenders like Short Term Loans can step in. We understand issues can arise that leave you without the money you need to pay all of your bills before you are next paid. To help you get access to the funds you need, regardless of what your credit history looks like. We know bad things happen to good people, and we want to make the financial recovery process as easy as possible.

Apply for Your Loans Online

When you look at short term lending companies, many of them only operate out of physical locations, which means you need to leave your home or place of business and spend time filling out applications and waiting for approval. This is a waste of your time and resources. On the other hand, when you turn to online payday lenders, you will be able to apply for your loan wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. With us, you get your answer immediately. You’ll know if you are approved and for how much, with the money deposited into your bank account the following business day.

Easy to Apply and Qualify

We promise that our online application process is as easy as can be. The application begins with you selecting the amount, funding option, and type of loan you’ll need. Then, we’ll ask you to fill in some personal details such as your name, address, and phone number. You’ll need to add credit card information at this step so that we know where to retrieve your repayment from. Once the application is complete, you’ll wait only a few minutes before getting our decision. Unlike other payday loan lending companies, we make it easy for applicants to qualify for our loans. Bad credit won’t disqualify you from getting a loan with us.

A Variety of Lending Options

When you are considering using short term lenders online, you will find there are a few options from which you can choose. Oftentimes, when people think of short term lending, payday loans are the first things that come to mind. The money is often withdrawn directly from your bank account on the day you are next paid. However, this isn’t the only option anymore. We also offer short term installment loans. This type of loan will be paid back with an installment plan we determine with you, so you can get the money you need now and pay it back incrementally to prevent additional financial problems going into the future.

We Help You Get the Funds You Need

When you’re in need of money, you can turn to online payday lenders to get the funding you require. You will get approved for your loan immediately, so you can pay the bills when they are due. Failing to pay your bills on time can not only lower your credit score, it can also result in greater interest payments and late fees. Our online cash advances can help you avoid this problem while you await your next payday.

Funding Your Loan

Once you’re approved for a loan, we will follow through on funding your loan in the method that you chose at the beginning of your application. If you chose our ‘instant funding’ option, the money will immediately be deposited into your bank account. Our ‘ACH next day’ funding option will result in the deposit coming through the following business day. Prefer to pick your funds up at a Western Union location? No problem! We can send your funds for pickup at a location that’s convenient to you. Once the funds are in your hands, you’ll be able to use the money however you see fit until it’s time to repay your loan.

Ready to get a loan? Get Cash Now!

If you’re feeling the financial pressure of an unexpected expense, you’re not alone. Even the most well-prepared people can be caught off guard by a sudden bill, unforeseen accident, or medical emergency. Many turn to short term payday loans online as a means of bridging the gap between paychecks. At Short Term Loans, we’re proud to play our role in helping individuals get back on their feet—or stay on their feet—through difficult periods in their lives. If your financial situation can’t wait, take the first step and apply for a payday advance today.

Contact us today to find out if our short-term lending options are the ideal solution to help with your financial crisis.