Winter Family Fun on a Budget

Published on November 30th, 2018

Sometimes the winter season gets the best of how active we are. Chilly temperatures, short days, and the seeming lack of outdoor activities can get you in a stay-at-home rut. But don’t let the winter blues keep you and your family from exploring! Our short term cash lenders have a few fun and inexpensive winter weather activities that are great for all ages.

Hit the Hills

When snow starts falling, ignore your instinct to stay indoors. Sledding is a great activity for those snowy winter days! Sleds are inexpensive to purchase, and if you already own one, it is free! Find your favorite park or hilly area and enjoy the day. Use this outing to snap a few family pictures and bond with your loved ones.

Tour the Nearby Lights

As the holidays approach, more and more houses will be decorated with colorful, sparkling lights. Hop in the car and take a drive around your local area in search of the most spectacular light displays. Better yet, it’s also free.


Nothing sounds better than the cozy comfort of a dim movie theater, popcorn, and great company. Take the family to an early afternoon showtime, find a movie deal day, or head to a dollar theater. This is an affordable and exciting activity for the whole family.

Our short term cash lenders want to encourage all of our clients to make the most of the winter season! Escape the winter doldrums and keep brainstorming more fun adventures for you and your family.

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