5 Easy Ways to Make $50

Published on June 23rd, 2017

Whether you’re strapped for cash or just bored, here are some easy ways to fill your time and make some good money!

Use Thumbtack:

This is a site that matches you with local people who pay to have tasks and errands accomplished. There are many categories of activities people in your area may need help with—from home improvement projects, events, moving services, cleaning, and more. Thumbtack is a low commitment way to earn fast money.


This is especially a great site for when you just have a couple minutes to spare. You can play games, watch videos, answer surveys, or just use their search engine and they will pay you. They will also pay you for shopping popular brands through their site. Yes, they will pretty much pay you to shop. If there are things you need to buy anyway, might as well sign up for the rewards! This will take longer to get up to $50 if you are only doing it here and there, but if you are curious about how it works you can learn more at Swagbucks. If you’re too strapped for cash, you can always try Fast cash loans online until you get in a good spot.

Drive for Uber:

If you have a car and a couple of hours on a weekend night, Uber is the perfect way to get great pay (especially in a big city). You can sign up today and be a driver tomorrow, it is that quick! Once you’re driving you could get $50 your first day, depending on your city.

Pet Sitting:

For animal people this is a fun and easy way to make great money! If your friends and family do not have a pet you can sit, an easy place to sign up as a pet sitter is with Rover. You can choose your schedule, services, and rates. You can easily get $50 in one service, and you also get a new companion for a little while!

Sell Your Unused Gift cards:

Yes, this is a real thing! On Cardpool you can sell those dusty gift cards that you will never use and exchange them for the money you need now. If you have some gift cards you know you will never use, check out Cardpool.


Need more than just $50 right now? Another great way money is fast cash loans online. If you need financial help, feel free to contact Short Term Loans to get cash now.


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