Consent to Electronic Communications


LENDER: Short Term Loans, L.L.C
2140 S. Wolf Rd. Suite B
Des Plaines, IL 60018

This Consent to Electronic Communications governs electronic communications in connection with the loan documents (“Loan Documents”), including the loan agreement (“Loan Agreement”), associated with your transaction with Lender shown above. You agree that any information that is provided to you in connection with your transaction, including, but not limited to, Loan Documents, state-mandated brochures and disclosures, and other transaction information (collectively, “Communications”) may be provided or made available to you electronically by posting information at our website,, or by sending it to you by email (whichever is required by applicable law). You may withdraw this consent, update your e-mail address, or request a paper copy of a Communication by notifying Lender at the address, phone number or e-mail address above. If you request a paper copy of a Communication, it will be mailed to your home address.. Lender will provide one copy of a Communication without charge. Additional copies are $1.00 each.

In order to receive Communications, You will need your unique username and password and the following: a PC or MAC compatible computer or other device with internet access and an internet browser software program that supports at least 128 bit encryption. You will also need either a printer connected to the computer or device used to access the records in order to print and retain the records or a secure hard drive or other secure storage device with sufficient space available to save and retain a copy of the records for future reference.

We may amend (add to, delete or change) these terms by providing you with notice in accordance with applicable law.

By selecting that you consent, you are electronically signing this document and confirming that: (1) your system meets the requirements set forth above; (2) you agree to receive Communications electronically; (3) you are able to receive emails sent to the email address you have provided us and to access and print or store information presented at this website; and (4) you consent to having information regarding this transaction, and others you may enter into with us, transmitted by email to the email address you have provided to us, and to having that information communicated to any third party who has access or obtains access to emails sent to that address.