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Installment loans in Michigan are one of the best ways to borrow money in a hurry. Short Term Loans, LLC can connect you with a lender to get you the cash you need to pay off unplanned expenses. All you need to do is complete the form linked below and we’ll have one of the lenders in our network reach out to you.

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The Benefits of Installment Loans in Michigan

Installment loans are one of the many types of short term loans in Michigan. They’re meant to help you pay for bills that catch you off guard, like medical bills, car repairs, or emergency travel expenses. Unlike loans from payday lenders, this type of loan typically doesn’t need to be repaid immediately. Instead, it walks the line between short and long term loans.

Most installment loans in Michigan have repayment plans that involve making regular monthly payments until the principal balance and any interest charges are paid in full. The size and number of these payments will depend on the specific terms and conditions of your loan. So it’s always a good idea to read these terms carefully to make sure they meet your needs.

Emergency expenses can put a heavy burden on your finances. But when your car breaks down you often don’t have much of a choice but to pay to get it fixed, especially if it’s your only way to get to work.

You could carry the repair costs on your credit card until you save up enough to pay it down. But far too often, those who do so only make the minimum payments causing interest fees to climb higher and higher. Plus, carrying debt on a credit card increases your credit utilization rate which can have a negative effect on your credit score.

Taking out an installment loan in Michigan makes it easier to pay off your loan by providing you with a regular schedule of payments that you can work into your budget. Just be sure to make all of your loan payments on time and before you know you’ll have paid off the debt in full.

How to Get an Installment Loan in Michigan

Short Term Loans, LLC makes it easy for you to get an installment loan in Michigan. We ask borrowers to provide information about themselves and the loan they need, then connect them with a lender who can fulfill their request. And of course, we use industry-leading security measures to keep your information safe.

Once you’ve connected with a lender, they can fund your loan as soon as the following business day. They do so by depositing cash in your bank account in most cases. So you won’t have to worry about running to the bank to cash a check. The cash will simply be there, ready for you to use as you see fit.

So if you need a cash advance in a hurry, get started now!

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