How It Works

Provide Your Information

Fill out our simple and secure form to send your information to lenders for review. Our lender matching service is free for you to use and you may be able to find a lender in minutes.

Lenders Review

Your information is reviewed by lenders instantly to determine if they would like to work with you. Each lender follows their own previously established requirements to make a decision. If a lender decides they would like to work with you, you will be redirected to their website where you complete the lender’s forms, review the loan terms, and if agreeable to you, accept the loan. In many cases, the lender will then contact you to confirm your personal information and finalize the loan. They may contact you via telephone, email, or text messages, and you will want to respond in a timely manner to ensure that your money is deposited as quickly as possible.

Get The Cash You Need

If a lender is able to make you an offer and you agree to work with them, they may be able to deposit the funds directly into your bank as soon as the next business day. Your loan fees and repayment terms are agreed upon solely between you and the lender, and any questions you may have about those fees or terms should be discussed directly with the lender.

Short Term Loans is a free service that brings potential borrowers and potential lenders together. Short Term Loans, LLC is not a lender.