5 Ways to Get Money for Your Old Electronics

Published on June 15th, 2015

Wait! Before you go and throw out your used phones, tablets, and other electronics or put them in the junk drawer to collect dust for years, consider the following ways to turn them into cold, hard cash!



Gazelle is an industry leader in what they call “reCommerce”. They pay cash for used electronics like phones and tablets. The upsides to Gazelle are that it’s quick, easy, and environmentally friendly! You’ll generally get your cash within ten days of sending in your electronics. Another great option that Gazelle offers is the sale of used electronics. If you don’t mind having last year’s iPhone at a fraction of the price of the new model, Gazelle can help you realize huge savings!


eBay Instant Sale

eBay Instant Sale is an easy, user-friendly program that eBay offers to both resell and recycle used electronics and gadgets. Go onto the website and fill out a short form describing the condition of the item you wish to sell, and eBay will send you a price quote. If you are willing to accept, download the prepaid shipping label and send it in. You will need a PayPal account in order to get paid, which takes only minutes to set up.


Target Trade-In

Believe it or not, you could walk right into your local Target with your used electronics and walk out with money! Through an electronic resale partner called Nextworth, Target has launched its “trade-in program” whereby consumers like you can swap used electronics for credit at any Target store. You can sell your items in-store and online. The process is quick and painless, and they accept a large variety of products.


Best Buy Trade-In

Similar to Target’s program, Best Buy offers in-store and online options for trading in old electronics for store credit. The great thing about Best Buy’s program is that even if they deem your item to have no value, they will recycle it for free! If you don’t leave with a gift card, at least you’ll leave knowing your e-waste was handled responsibly!



BuyBackWorld began in 2009 to relieve people of their old gadgets that were cluttering their homes and provide fair buyback prices. The company optimizes the use of secondary markets for electronics to ensure that you are getting the best value for your old devices. Price quotes are fair, and the process is simple. They also cater to a wide variety of products and geographies!


There’s value in your home that you might be overlooking. Any of the sites above can help you realize that value and get you money, fast! If you are looking for other fast cash options, there’s always Short Term Loans. To learn more about how we can get you cash quickly, visit today!


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