How to Improve Your Credit Score

Published on June 22nd, 2015

There are a lot of numbers that describe you. You can be described by your height, your weight, your IQ, and your income. Another way that you can be described is by your credit score. For many lenders, this is a measure of how reliable you are at paying back loans. There are all sorts of reasons that your credit score might not be quite where you want it, but this list will provide you with ways to get it back up to a level you can be happy about!


Check Your Score

The first step to improving your credit score will be finding out where you currently are. Make sure not to pay for your credit score unless it’s necessary. A lot of sites claim they will provide your credit score for free. Don’t be fooled by these sites. Get your credit score from truly for free.

Get Rid of Petty Balances

This means getting rid of the small balances that are clouding up several credit cards. Having open balances on multiple cards can hurt your score, so try to eliminate these balances when possible. Pay off the several small balances, and pick one or two of your credit cards to make your primary cards to use frequently.

Keep the Good Credit History

Identify good credit decisions, and make sure they appear on your report. You want any evidence of creditworthiness on your report as long as possible. Once a balance is paid off responsibly, don’t try to expunge it from your record. These credit history items actually help your score!

Pay On Time

This is one of the most important rules to keep in mind. Make sure you always pay your bills on time, and avoid paying the minimum. Consistently paying your bills on time is the best way to build up your credit. Make yourself reminders and make the most of your calendar to remember when payments are due!

Consider a Counselor

If you are truly worried about the current position of your credit score or have tried the actions above without results, consider seeing a counselor. There are professionals out there who specialize in helping people get their credit back on track. These counselors, of course, cost money. So try the free options first, and use these people only if you really need to.


Perhaps most importantly, though, don’t stress out! If you have a low credit score, there are ways to fix it. Don’t let your credit score consume your life, and don’t become obsessed with it. At Short Term Loans, bad or no credit is not an issue. Should you need fast cash, apply for a judgment-free loan today!


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