Keep Cash Safe While Traveling

Published on April 1st, 2015

Do you have an upcoming spring break getaway, family vacation or business trip? No matter where you are going or why, it is important to be smart and careful when dealing with money. The risk of theft and pickpocketing are high when you are in unfamiliar surroundings, and the last thing you want on your vacation is to deal with a financial crisis.

Here are some helpful tips that will keep your money safe and let you relax and enjoy your vacation:

  • Let your bank and credit card company know where you will be: If your bank notices your card being used in another country, or even at times in another state, it may shut the card down without alerting you. This is a situation you want to avoid! All it takes is a quick call before you leave and letting your banks know where you will be (if traveling to several countries/states, include them all) and when. You can even do this online with some banks.
  • Leave your bulky wallet at home: Chances are, you will not need every single credit card you have while sightseeing or doing other activities, so it isn’t necessary to bring your full wallet with you. Not to mention, if a pickpocketer were to get a hold of your wallet, you will be left with quite a headache. Bring the only card you need while out and about, and leave others at your hotel in a safe.
  • Don’t have all your cash in one place: Separate your cash, leaving some in your hotel room, some in a vehicle (if applicable), and some on you. This way, you always have backup.
  • Purchase a money belt: Money belts wrap around your torso under your shirt, leaving your important possessions (cards, money, ID, etc.) out of reach of thieves and pickpocketers. When you need to use any of these items, you can excuse yourself to the bathroom and get what you need.
  • Use your credit card, not debit card: Credit cards are better to use for a number of reasons. They offer consumer protection against fraud, and are not linked to other accounts, so thieves cannot gain access to other personal information. Just make sure you pay it off ASAP once you return home.

We hope you have a safe and wonderful trip!



Courtesy of US News


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