Security on the Web

Published on July 6th, 2015

When making transactions over the internet, it is extremely important to recognize that you are using a secure website. Fraud and identity theft are real concerns when giving out information on the web, so make sure you know how to protect yourself. The best way to protect yourself is by recognizing a site you can trust. There are a lot of scams out there, so you need to look for the following signs to make sure that your information is safe.


S is for Security

The easiest tell-tale sign that a website is secure is in the URL of the website. The first four letters of a website are often “http”. However, websites that are secure have an “s” at the end, making it “https”. It’s a subtle difference that often goes unnoticed. It indicates that the information on the page is being encrypted before being sent to the server. Basically, it means that nobody can see the information except you and the person to whom you intend to give it.


Icons are Indicators

Depending on your browser, it might look a little different, but more often than not secure websites display a small icon that looks like a padlock somewhere in the window. Chrome, for example, will have the icon next to the URL. It might not be there for all browsers, so you may have to look around the window for it. This, along with the “s” in the website, let you know that your information is safe.


Privacy Policies

Websites that ask for personal information should always have privacy policies. Make sure to read these thoroughly before giving out all of your info so that you can protect yourself. Websites that ask for information but have no privacy policy are not transparent about what they want with your information, and probably are not going to be your best bet.


General Design

Check to make sure that the website is created well. There’s a lot to say about the credibility of a site that looks professional. This should never be the primary reason to trust a site. Everything mentioned above should be the first things you want to check. However, it is often more likely that a well-constructed site is more reputable.


Whenever you are giving out sensitive information on the web, you want to check for these characteristics in the website you are using. For example, if you take a look at our website, you will find each of these elements. You can rest assured your information will be safe with us!


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