Simple Ways to Cut Your Spend

Published on July 29th, 2014

Even a person with the strongest will power will give into shopping temptations from time to time. The phrase “saving money” may make you cringe, but there are ways you can save without even trying (that much). See how many of these you can check off your list:

  • Automate your banking account: Set up your account online so that a set amount of money will be put into your savings every month. Since you won’t have to manually do it yourself, you will likely not even notice.
  • Limit credit card use: Sometimes using your credit card may seem like you aren’t even spending “real money,” causing you to spend more.  This is the downfall of a lot of people.
  • Say “no” to Starbucks: Sure, their coffee may be better than what you make at home. Invest in a quality coffee maker and bring your own cup to work – you will be surprised at how much this will save you in the long run.
  • Hang out with friends who are trying to save: It can be hard to save money when you are out on the town with a bunch of splurgers. Don’t avoid these friends, but be honest about your situation.
  • Use vinegar: Not many people know that vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent that is less toxic for your home. Plus, it’s cheaper!
  • Ditch the cable: With pretty much any show readily available on Netflix, Hulu and other programs online, do you really need to be dishing out hundreds for cable each month? Chances are, you will make the switch and never look back.
  • Take care of your things: Are you buying a new pair of jeans every month because they keep getting ruined? If you invest in high quality clothes and other items, take care of them! Put them away in a proper place after use. They will last longer, and you won’t have to buy new ones all the time.
  • Watch your thermostat: Your home doesn’t need to be freezing in the summer and hot in the winter – keep your thermostat at a temperature that simply keeps you comfortable. You will be saving energy, and therefore, cutting costs.

There are many more small and simple ways to cut your monthly spend. You will be surprised at how much you end up saving by the end of the year!



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